Help us shape the future of training

We believe there’s a better way to learn. We envision and contribute to a world where everyone has the right skills, knowledge and experience at the moment they need it.

Our mission is to train every professional worldwide through story-based immersive learning. We bring situations to people where they are fully immersed to maximise training impact. An evacuation training in an airplane hangar? A bank robbery at a local bank? Imagine it, make it and play it. For 100 people, 10,000 people, or even more!

Virtual reality training helps companies to upskill their employees up to 4x faster than classroom training and e-learning — even at a time when training budgets are shrinking and in-person training may be off the table.

Our SaaS VR training platform is used by companies like Shell, KLM, NS, Tata Steel and Erste Bank to onboard and train their workforce in safety, security and soft skills in a high impact, repeatable and scalable way.

We raised a seed investment, won several awards (VR Rising Star Award, CSU Award, Get In The Ring Award, and Learning Innovation Award) and are ready to take the next step in our growth.

Our team is young, dynamic, and quickly growing as we are planning a major international expansion. We are looking for people who want to help us disrupt - or rather, lead - the professional training market.

Use cases

We have included a few examples of VR training scenarios and how these are used by our customers below. Visit our blog and YouTube channel for more examples.